Meet Our Team

At Parker Inspections we stand by the phrase of “team work makes the dream work”. Each one of us make up a crucial part of the whole picture and our service could not be near as complete without each person pouring into the heart and vision of Parker Inspections. Your inspection isn’t just an inspection performed. It’s a home inspection that turns into supporting 10 families. It’s a home inspection that allows our people to use their gifts in the best way possible. 



Aleks’ goal-driven passion encourages the whole team to strive to be their best. His positive attitude is contagious and will leave you with a smile at every inspection. Aleks doesn’t just go big or go home in the business world, he also applies that to his family life by having 4 kids under that age of 3 1/2. He will jump at any chance to be active and is up for just about anything.

Alacia Parker

Alacia brings the intensity to Parker Inspections that allows us to keep moving forward. She doesn’t believe in baby steps only giant leaps. The only baby steps that she allows are of her 4 kids. Since free time is rare, you can find her soaking up knowledge through any avenue that can be done while holding multiple babies.


Alex is the friend you didn’t know you had. With each inspection, you leave feeling like you’ve already known him for 5 years. His humor keeps things light while comforting you in this piece of the home buying process.  When Alex isn’t giving you the most incredible inspection, you can find him pouring into his own family, friendships, and church.

Alex is the home inspector the Topeka, Kansas area the surrounding communities. New Home buyers are welcomed with all of the answers to your questions and a peace of mind knowing what comes with the home you are purchasing. Realtors can rest assured knowing that all of your clients will be taken care of and our team will always have their best interest at heart. We have a communications manager on call everyday to answer and coordinate all home inspections and any questions after.

If you are needing a home inspection, call Parker Inspections Kansas. 785-235-0169.